3rd Quarter New Members Spotlight

Mane Insights

Please help us welcome, Dr. Crystal Porter. She is a hair scientist and owner of Mane Insights, a company that conducts research to further understand the specific needs of curly hair. As a recognized contributor in the world of hair science, she also provides knowledge about hair to individuals, professionals and industry leaders. She is passionate about debunking myths and empowering others to properly care for their hair. Dr. Porter spent the majority of her 16-year career at L’Oréal, USA where she managed the Physics Laboratory and Consumer Insights teams to study the biophysical characteristics of hair and pigmented skin within different ethnic groups around the world and to understand behaviors that are related to consumer’s experiences.


Connect with Dr. Crystal on Facebook and Periscope @ManeInsights.

Heartland Institute of Financial Education

Please help us welcome, Michael Rayford of Heartland Institute of Financial Education. The College Consultant Certification is a nationally recognized certification program that is offered through the Heartland Institute of Financial Education, a 501(c)(3) national nonprofit. This unique certification program is awarded to individual professional practitioners who have knowledge in the field of financial services as well as a desire to help students and the families they support achieve the goal of higher education.
Certified College Consultants serve as the liaison between the parents, students and coaches for the College Planning Program (CPP). While the Heartland Institute’s Certified Coaches assist students with career guidance and the college search, the primary role for Certified College Consultants is to present and provide information about HIFE CPP to prospective parents and students.

YWCA – Aurora

Please help us welcome Melissa Nigro of YWCA in Aurora, Illinois. She is the Executive Director for the YWCA. The YWCA focuses on eliminating racism, empowering women and promoting peace, justice, freedom and dignity for all.  Melissa and her team are developing programs that reach out into the community, including after school programs, the Bullying Prevention Peace Program, Getting Ahead and Community Dialogues.


(630) 299-2280

Rebecca’s House Foundation

Rebecca’s House Foundation (RHF),
is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization founded by Cheryl Jordan in 2008 in an effort to provide meaningful youth programs that enhances their academic education. Her mission is to strengthen the character and foundation of young people through education and social development. RHF aims to provide educational experiences and opportunities that enrich the social and emotional development of young people and families through partnerships with various community institutions, organizations, and other resources. I.M.A.G.E. ( I Manifest  A Girl Empowered), is a leadership academy for girls ages  12-16.  RHF has provided a 6-week leadership skill training for the past three years and it is the flagship program for RHF.

Liberty Mutual Group (LMG)

Prior to moving to Illinois, Andrew Denton held positions in education and in personnel investigations. The opportunity to join the Liberty Mutual Group (LMG) came about after transitioning to Wheaton, IL to be closer to family. Since his on-boarding with LMG in 2015, he has won 11 awards for serving and securing the assets of his clients and their families. Liberty Mutual, a Fortune 100 company, is rated “A” by A.M. Best and Standard and Poor’s. At number 76 on the Fortune 100, Liberty continues to establish itself in the state of Illinois’ market.  At Liberty, they take pride in providing their clients with excellent service.

Mary Kay

Kijuana McKinnie is a graduate of Lewis University with a double major in business management and marketing.  While still matriculating, she was highly recruited into finance company management and quickly climbed the corporate ladder.  It was in that season that she was introduced to a business opportunity which has become her dream career.  She began her Mary Kay business October 1996, became a Sales Director June 1998, and left corporate America 3 days later.  She has never looked back.

Heartland Blood Centers

Please help us welcome Michelle Robinson, C.O.O. of the Heartland Blood Centers. They are an independent blood center serving 71 hospitals in a 12 county area. They operate under a volunteer donor system. Heartland works toward collecting more than 160,000 units of blood annually. Their mission is to provide and maintain an adequate supply of blood and blood products for area hospitals to draw upon in order to meet the anticipated and actual needs of patients.  This mission is as valid today as it was at the blood bank’s founding in 1943.