The Quad County African American Chamber of Commerce (QCAACC), governed by a board of directors, began in August 1993 with 16 members. This was after several African American business people recognized the need to have a business organization that addressed issues which affect the success and failure of African American businesses.  We represent the quad counties of Kane, Kendall, DuPage, and Will. The Chamber continues to increase our foot print in surrounding communities throughout Chicagoland, membership growth, and in corporate sponsorship.


Our Role

  • Provide a cohesive representative voice for its members to the Quad County business environment at large.
  • Provide leadership to enhance the business environment and quality of life of businesses owned by African Americans.
  • Track the growth of African American businesses.
  • Address the concerns of the African American business community.
  • Conduct workshops and seminars that address issues that impact the business community.
  • Enhance the African American business networking system.
  • Keep the African American business community informed regarding legislative, political and economic development issues that may impact their businesses.
  • Increase the number of sound, planned businesses that have goals to expand, hire more employees, provide additional tax dollars and serve as role models to African American youth.
  • Recognize the outstanding business achievements of African American owned businesses and business leaders.

The DuPage County Board has used the 2016 anniversary of the assassination of civil rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King to commemorate the contribution African Americans have made to the county.

In April, Chairman Dan Cronin noted DuPage County played a role in African American history, and the Underground Railroad – the route Harriet Tubman used to help slaves escape from the South.

“Many of you know that that Underground Railroad ran right through DuPage County; most notably, through the Graue Mill,” he said.

The board approved a proclamation celebrating African American heritage. DuPage County political activist Regina Brent along with Ron Allen presented the proclamation to the Quad County African American Chamber of Commerce.

“I think if you consider what’s happening now with the series of divisive remarks being made on both sides of the aisle, your actions today have helped restore human dignity in both the workplace and in government,” Brent said.